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Notre-Dame Design Competition

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Bevin W. Page

ID: 466

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ID: 466
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The Proposal is to give back to France and the people of Paris their beloved Notre Dame Cathedral as a complete and acceptable artistic structure , respectful of its history , architecture , culture for purpose and heritage.This does not pre propose the complete reinstatement of the Cathedral to its original pre fire state but offers a situation to evaluate what has been saved from the fire and what could be incorporated into the new structure of the roof and spire.To achieve this end ; notably the Apostles, gargoyles , iron cross , crown and cockrel and if available the ridge finials and if not then cast replicas should be provided as it is proposed to rebuild the complete roof in its original configuration using steel framing with zinc roof sheeting in the pattern and layout as original lead sheeting. Over time the patina of the zinc will resemble lead but will be a significant weight reduction of the load on the remaining structures.Above the crossing of the roof will sit the proposed spire which is divided into sections ; base, gallery , and the upper spire all constructed of steel framings .The base octagonal in form sheeted with gothic motif embossed zinc panels. This section will be accessible for maintenance / service of the upper sections and if desired by the Cathedral administrators open to the public.The gallery above ; the main structural support for the spire is a tracery of steel framing echoing the gothic architecture of the Cathedral.The upper spire is a reducing series of illuminated “ candles “ attached to the main structural support framing . The steel framed candles square in shape with pyramidal top and bottom frames retain enclosing stained glass facing panels and solid zinc back panels. Within the candles full height highly reflective arc panels across the rear will provide daytime illumination to the stained glass via arrays of prisms allowing sun light to penetrate the depths of each candle. At the junction of the facing and rear panel will be LED strip lighting for night time illumination powered by solar energy collection panels facing the solar trajectory scope and battery storage units on the non solar trajectory scope mounted in recesses between the banks of “candles”. The upper most candle will display an illuminated cross on all four faces and will be surrounded by a zinc sheeted canopy . Above the canopy it is intended to reuse the saved metal cross, crown and cockerel Bevin W Page. Architect

Bevin W. PageBevin W. PageBevin W. PageBevin W. Page

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