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Notre-Dame Design Competition

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Jervin Sadiasa Habagat

ID: 464

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ID: 464
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La Nuova Corona / The New CrownCathédrale Notre Dame de Paris has its mark in history for a long time and until now. As the church continues to touch lives, we want the people to strengthen their faith by contributing the enhanced design.The view of the reborn Cathedral in Paris reaches everyone's sight as the 134.50 meters spire on the structure aims to reach the heaven. The base of the spire with 12 conical figures acted as disciples following to reach above the sky. Its enchanting gold signifies glory to the God in the highest. Also, gold symbolizes as the vivid faith of the citizens that will never be tarnished despite of all the unfortunate happenings. The roofing harbors the shared experiences of the people, making it homely and stronger than before.Architecturally, the top of the 134.50 meters spire is still in the vertical sequence of rooster-cross-crown. The rooster and the cross are the only part of spire that are made of pure gold. The designer puts the spire a new crown “la nuova corona” which is made of metal plate in the color of gold for elegance without being an overstatement to the overall look of a cathedral. The former statues of the apostles on the base of the spire will be replaced of conical figure with the designated coin symbol of apostles for capping the end. These conical figures which stand at the base supported by braces, is also made of metal plate in gold. The roofing consists of lightweight, fire-resistive and weatherproof properties through the use of metal shingles. In relation to Gothic architecture, characteristics like pointed arches and conical figures are retained but became refreshing and empowering. The designer thinks that Gothic is the still solution of the infamous cathedral. With respect to the original designer, architect Eugène Emmanuel Viollet-le-Duc, the new design comes in between familiarity of the past and the future.

Jervin Sadiasa HabagatJervin Sadiasa HabagatJervin Sadiasa HabagatJervin Sadiasa Habagat

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