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Notre-Dame Design Competition

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KIM Tae-Hyung & KIM Seung-Rae

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ID: 463
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I lived in Paris.For me, the Notre Dame Cathedral was just an old cathedral on the island of Citte.Then one day, on the evening of April 15, 2019, a fire broke out and the spire and roof collapsed.And the image in my memory has changed. The impact was similar to that of New York before and after the Twin Towers.Other people interpreted spires and roofs differently. But my proposal is perfectly normal.Just restore it to its original state. Instead, it will plan a glass tower in four locations outside the cathedral.The glass tower will draw the Notre Dame Cathedral and look at Paris from various points of view.Paris doesn't have many places to view the city from high up. The Eiffel Tower's observatory, the rooftop of Pompidou. It's like a rooftop cafe at Saint Martin's.Notre Dame's observatory will show us the various landscapes of Notre Dame and Paris without harming the image of the cathedral in our memory.The glass tower, with transparent elevators and stairs, looks flat on the outside.It will be a great challenge for us technically, without hurting the historical context.And every time people look at this tower, they will remember that it happened after a fire in a roof and spire.

KIM Tae-Hyung & KIM Seung-RaeKIM Tae-Hyung & KIM Seung-RaeKIM Tae-Hyung & KIM Seung-RaeKIM Tae-Hyung & KIM Seung-Rae

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