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ID: 458
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My name is Grace. I am 12 Years old and these are my designs. On top of the tower of my first design, there is a statue of Mary as in Notre-Dame, our woman, so this  is also symbolic as it has to be based on the fact that it is a Cathedral dedicated to Mary. ( Mary is holding the french flag) The walls of the tower are made out of glass. So you can see the beauty of the Paris view. You will have to probably pay to have to go up the tower because a lot of people will want to see the view.There will be four rooms. In the rooms there are plants and benches so you can look at the view. Those squared things sticking out are so that you can stand on glass and have  an awesome experience. The stained glass is the best part and the light should look different and highlight different aspects of it throughout the day.Nr 1: The statue of Mary casts a shadow on the stained glass windows.Nr 2: It fits to the area Paris as in it is a design inspired by French experiences.Nr 3: I have of course seen other designs and I think some people have made it too modern. I have tried to add a modern aspect but keep the origin spirit of Notre Dame. My second design is very colourful. But the tower is mostly black which should make the colours in the stained glass stand out even more. It was inspired by the Eiffel Tower, another great  French landmark.  I tried to think how Gustav Eiffel would have designed a new tower for Notre Dame, as if he were still alive today, he may have been given the job. I hope my designs tick all the boxes and that you think they are PERFECT for Notre-Dame. Please pick me, sincerely: Grace


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