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Notre-Dame Design Competition

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Liew Zhen Shearn

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ID: 451
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The Reconstruction of Notre-Dame de ParisNotre-Dame de Paris – Our Lady of Paris – a masterpiece of French Gothic architecture has been one of the most symbolic monuments and celebrated cathedral in Europe. This 850-year-old masterpiece draws around 13 million visitor a year from all around the world, created a pilgrimage of its own. This is a reconstruction project of the 850-year-old masterpiece that symbolizes Revival, Evolution and the Continuity between the Past and the Future. The replica of the 300ft tall spire that designed by Eugène Viollet-le-Duc in the 19th-century would be reconstructed in gold, representing the courage and strength in regaining a new beginning and the tendency to evolve from the past. Whereas the original 13th-century gable roof would be replaced with steel structure louvred glass roof. The well-blended gold finish steel structure glass roof that carries the similar roof profile act as a tribute to the one that lost, respecting the inherent structural loading principles of the building towards the flying buttresses system. One of the burnt down ribbed vault at the central crossing of the cathedral has been proposed to replace with a glass dome, creating a strong connection between the internal space of the cathedral and the new proposed space above. The vertical connectivity located at the spine of the cathedral provides user experience and interaction, allowing the direct visual from the central aisle to the golden replica of the spire as well as the original twelve Apostle statues and the four New Testament evangelists that escaped from the flames. In honour of the lost, the visual from the glass dome represents a greater future ahead - the revival spirit with the representation of golden spire and the leafage that reflects the regain of life and the desire in achieving a well-balanced and sustainable future. The old and dusty attic roof has now been transformed into a gold finish steel structure louvred glass roof - a place of leisure, observation platform and an exquisite rooftop café that further enhance the interaction between the user and the architecture of the masterpiece. The glass-covered roof space serves as a place of assembly for its pilgrims who come to visit and celebrate its revival and evolution. The rooftop space houses a longitudinal water feature with a series of foliage stretching along the roof, creating a cosy and relaxed environment that enables the users to enjoy the details of one of the finest French Gothic architecture within a leafage context. By proposing the adjustable louvred glass roof, natural ventilation is being introduced across the rooftop space. Besides, an open air terraces at the east end of the cathedral serves as a outdoor lounge and a viewing deck for the user, overlooking the beautiful city of Paris.

Liew Zhen ShearnLiew Zhen ShearnLiew Zhen ShearnLiew Zhen Shearn

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