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Notre-Dame Design Competition

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Maxime Kaspers

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ID: 450
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The Notre-Dame Cathedral is located on the Île de la Cité in Paris and is one of the most frequented tourist attractions in the world. Its destruction in April 2019 was disastrous and the world stood still.The roof and spire consisted of age-old oak wood. This wood is the fundamental idea of this concept. We live at an extraordinary period of time where the human being is exponentially developing but nature is not. The title of this concept could be “nature takes back”. The roof will be reconstructed in its old shape and dimensions but be made up of steel. Steel is much more effective, reliable and furthermore fire-resisting. The new steel roof provides the basis of a rooftop greening, where nature takes place. At the crossing position of the former spire there will be planted an overwhelming oak tree as a symbol and homage to the roof out of the old oak wood. The natural design of the new roof of the Notre-Dame Cathedral would “wow” the people in Paris, because of its strikingly appearance. Additionally, the green roof will clean the air in the city and it could be a good example for ecofriendly buildings. Its an alarm call and pioneer-project to prevent or reduce the features of the climate change! It is fair to say that it’s a good reason to knowingly relinquish the monumental protection, whereby it’s expectable that the old roof and spire will be constructed as same as before the fatal fire. So why not go green in exchange?

Maxime KaspersMaxime KaspersMaxime KaspersMaxime Kaspers

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