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Notre-Dame Design Competition

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Jeffrey Eyster, AIA., Gabriel Molina

ID: 440

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ID: 440
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The age-old debate between preserving historical architecture and participating in a modern intervention is a topic that is brought to the forefront of architectural discourse after the fire damaged Cathedral ignited architects imaginations and preservationists fury. A simple case could be made that to attempt to ‚Äòpreserve‚Äô perfectly and simply restore the cathedral is to separate our time from the many periods and times that have participated in buildings restorations and additions. This is the death of history. Perhaps our time has something to offer, and something of value to the history of Notre Dame. After awakening from a dream where I was an architectural tour guide in 2019 for medieval  mason, I wondered what the architects of Notre Dame would do if they had the technology of today. And how would they respond to rebuilding after the fire.Notre Dame‚Äôs new roof takes cues from the original gothic architecture of the original roof and the whole building. The pointed arches have always been a prominent element of gothic architecture and have a presence throughout the rest of the church. The glass enclosure of the new roof follows the original roof line while incorporating glazing to allow light to come into the church. The series of smaller arches that create the framing of the roof are set on top of the buttresses in order to make the union of both structures possible structurally and provide symmetry to the design.The new spire, composed of a series of tall arches, is the same height as the original one and occupies the same position. The central towers of the church serve as a base for an observation deck that is right under the spire. The observation deck has interior and exterior areas, providing a view of the interior of the church, as well of its exterior and the Paris skyline.

Jeffrey Eyster, AIA., Gabriel MolinaJeffrey Eyster, AIA., Gabriel MolinaJeffrey Eyster, AIA., Gabriel MolinaJeffrey Eyster, AIA., Gabriel Molina

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