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Notre-Dame Design Competition

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Wooseup Lee

ID: 438

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ID: 438
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We live in time. Looking at the present, he recalls the past and imagines the future. Remembering the unforgettable painful events that took place at Notre-Dame Cathedral, we recall the past. And we think what it will look like in the future.The roof and spires were burned down. It's heartbreaking for us, but we have to accept it as it is. It is also a record and a history. The structures have collapsed, but you have to add to them and show the new Notre-Dame Cathedral.Glass is a transparent material, so the back is projected. However, if you carve a scratch on the glass, the figure behind the glass overlaps with the figure on the glass. It expresses the past, present and future of Notre-Dame Cathedral. The original Notre-Dame Cathedral image is engraved on the glass to reveal the past of Notre Dame Cathedral. Roofs destroyed by fire remove debris, and only the roof and ceiling structures are repaired and left intact. And cover it with glass. People can climb up to the tower and recall past events through glass. At the same time, look at the glass and check the appearance of Notre Dame Cathedral before it is lost. Passing through Notre Dame Cathedral and looking at the glass roof, you can see the sky projected behind you. Looking at the images of the past and the overlapping sky of the coming future, we think about how to move forward.

Wooseup LeeWooseup LeeWooseup LeeWooseup Lee

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