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Notre-Dame Design Competition

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Dmitriy Popov

ID: 437

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ID: 437
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The reconstruction plan is designed to find a compromise between the modern and the historical method of reconstruction. Using material VANTABLACK - the blackest material in the world (absorbs 99.965% of the incident light) will allow you to capture the world-famous image, which was lost as a result of a tragic accident. The new elements will precisely preserve the contour of the cathedral and city building, but their implementation will not be a false decoration imitating the original. The phantom and immateriality of the incarnation will allow you to avoid the aggressive collision of genuine and modern. Like a ghost of loss, the black silhouette will become only a part of the true world that has gone into the shadows.

Dmitriy PopovDmitriy PopovDmitriy PopovDmitriy Popov

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