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Notre-Dame Design Competition

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Effiong Abang-Emenyi

ID: 425

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ID: 425
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Ha!..... an Iconic edifice was in flames......For me, I decided to take a symbolic and biblical approach - an insight into the bible and inspire by the French revolution. The common attribute the bible and the French have are flame/ fire. Words that come to mind are recreation, renaissance, rebirth.... A deeperinsight into the bible reveals the first creation involving Adam and Eve and second creation involing theVirgin Mary giving birth to Jesus Christ. The Notre Dame du Paris , a building dedicated to the Virgin Mother; losing its roof and spire only convinces me that she is ascending into Heaven as a holy Saint as in the Old Testament for Enoch and Elijah, the latter taken up into heaven in a fiery Chariot. getting to heaven, the Angels will make merry of the Virgin Mary as a saint and her believers (the Church) will be saved by following her ways/manner (the Christian Life Pilgrimage/ Journey).The background to this design concept is the Garden of Eden or Sustainability in sync with biblical conceptDesigning for an existing roof deck is often difficult with good play of creativity in diverse ramifications. TheDesign intends to prevent the stone vaulted ceiling from carry further loads with the steel castellated beams600mm high away from the stone vaulted ceilng hinging to the flying buttresses carrying the proposed roof deck to the main buttresses then to the ground. With this proposal, drainage and installations adequatelyconsidered. the proposed spire , a Wind Turbine, plays true to ‘sustainability in sync with biblical concept’(the Wind Turbine biblically depicts angels merrying at the ascension of the Virgin Mary),suspended from existing Stone Vaulted Ceiling with four tubular Pipes connected to a Circular slab. The plan view yet another aesthetic concept of the Christian’s life Journey; starts from East to West- where a fountain pool ( Fountain of Life) plunges into a carefully crafted/ drilled opening on the stone vaulted ceiling with a Glass Reinforced Plastic base to give a breath taking view of a pool and reflecting light over the interior of the Church Flame Gallery- photos, collages, relics saved from the flame, at North and South ends. L'ASCENSION DE NOTRE DAME DE PARIS:LOISIRS À RAVIR

Effiong Abang-EmenyiEffiong Abang-EmenyiEffiong Abang-EmenyiEffiong Abang-Emenyi

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