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Notre-Dame Design Competition

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Andrew Friedenberg & Andrew Metzler

ID: 413

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ID: 413
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The aftermath of the Notre Dame fire resulted in an immediate outpouring of emotional and financial support, more than a billion dollars donated. The international community turned to Paris, expressing solidarity toward the visceral loss of such a priceless monument. To repair Notre Dame is an immense task. The original Notre Dame experienced multiple generations of renovation and rebuilding efforts. Will the designer be suited to this challenge of reconstructing a timeless masterpiece of architecture and architectural history?THE ORNAMENTAL HUSK OF A BUILDING takes precedence over the core of its history and tradition. In an internet paradigm that values flashy advertisement over quiet contemplation, a feverish scrambling toward cliché design attempts is heralded as “new” and “contemporary.” The result is a stark disconnect between subject matter and style, quality and value. Current renovation proposals took less than one month to design. This is a symptomatic reflex among architects to prioritize rapidly outputting projects in order to capitalize on media attention. An architect’s over reliance on social media as a marketing (design?) tool is further reinforced and perpetuated by the public’s fascination on its absurdism. The consequences of a poor design proposal are overshadowed by hedonistic media exposure.MONUMENTS ARE SOUVENIRS. To use a historical disaster as a publicity stunt for works of architecture is despicable at worst and predictable at best. The quickfire response to the Notre Dame disaster is sadly a contemporary designer’s reality; within weeks, some of the most influential firms in the world spewed multiple projects with little rumination or sensitivity toward the situation or the historical context. Our proposal intends to critique past design attempts. It is a deliberate representation of clickbait design memorializing the exchange between financier and architect in blatant symbolism. THE SOUVENIRIZATION OF NOTRE DAME. These pocket artefacts or souvenirs are forever replicated, distributing facsimiles of Notre Dame infinitely throughout the world. In the palm of your hand, Notre Dame is reincarnated as an everlasting trinket, a permanent memory for all to carry and cherish. Our proposal does not mean to be anything it is not. It is a deliberate representation of clickbait design memorializing the exchange between the creator and the consumer in blatant symbolism. It is the souvenirization of Notre Dame.

Andrew Friedenberg & Andrew MetzlerAndrew Friedenberg & Andrew MetzlerAndrew Friedenberg & Andrew MetzlerAndrew Friedenberg & Andrew Metzler

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