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Notre-Dame Design Competition

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Frits Lamers & Hay Verbruggen

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ID: 411
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RESTORATION AND RECOVERY NOTRE DAME PARISHistory tells the story of construction, destruction, adaptation andrecovery, always in the spirit of the time. Violet Le Duc in particular, anauthority in the field of Gothic architecture in his time, left his mark onthe cathedral.The devastating fire on 15 April 2019 justifies the application of 21stcentury views, technics and materials.The hull and buiding components that survived the fire, such as thetowers of law, the walls of the nave, the vaults including buttresses andarches and the priest's choir can be restored and rebuild to their originalcondition using authentic materials. The monumental carcass will bepreserved and the Gothic cathedral will be recognizable as such.The roof and the wooden roof construction have been completely lost.The age-old wooden beams have disappeared and cannot be replaced bythe original ones or authentic materials. The use of "new" materials andconstructions offers many advantages. Sustainable construction can beapplied and propagated in optima forma.Repairing the roof construction offers the possibility to create a newspace; with an "attic" on the Ship and the Trancept above the vaults, afloor space of approximately 120 x 20 m2 is created.The attic space can be used as a museum for all the treasures of theNotre Dame cathedral. This space can be reached by means of glasselevators and transparent stairs from the church nave.By executing the roof construction with strong iron beams, made by useof a 3D printer, a reference is can be made to the construction of theEiffel Tower in Paris.Around the roof there is an existing gutter construction with roof edgesin natural stone, material as used in the facades. A new outdoor spaceis accessible from the new exhibition space that creates the opportunityof a new and glittering view of the city.The nave of the cathedral faces east - west, whereby one side of theroof surface is completely oriented towards the south. The ideal placefor installing solar panels. And not solar panels on a roof, but a roof ofsolar panels! As a result, it is possible to provide (at least) your ownenergy generation for lighting, heating and ventilation. By making theattic floor partially transparent, you get a view of the vaults and eventhe possibility to view the nave of the cathedral from the attic.Implementation of the tower of Violet Le Duc is a story of its own. TheFrench government is asking architects all over the world to think aboutthe restoration of 19th century steeple of Notre Dame. "We have todecide whether to rebuild the peak as it originally looked or whether tobuild a completely new peak," says Prime Minister Edouard Philippe.Our advice: Let's start with the restoration of the "shell" and tackle therepair of the roof structure, so that the cathedral is protected inparticular against the weather. This makes the church usable again inthe shortest possible time! Sufficient time remains for the discussionabout whether or not to return the steeple of Violet Le Duc.

Frits Lamers & Hay VerbruggenFrits Lamers & Hay VerbruggenFrits Lamers & Hay VerbruggenFrits Lamers & Hay Verbruggen

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