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Notre-Dame Design Competition

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Leonardo Lattaro Fernandes

ID: 403

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ID: 403
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The idea of this restoration project was to intervene in a way that is evident and clear to the observer the separation between the new and the pre-existing.Thinking about it, the structure of the intervention was performed with materials, shapes and colors that were not present in the project until the time of the fire that destroyed part of the building.In the center of the cathedral, where there were the two towers and the spire, was erected a higher structure than any other part of the work, in glass in the red color, making a degrade until the transparent one. This high-volume, flashy color serves to demonstrate the strength of the intervention, and also to represent that contemporary architecture can easily replace past styles.In this volume there is a tear in the shape of a spire, to represent in a contemporary form of the structure that collapsed and it´s a very important part of the Gothic architecture. There is also a slot for the passage of the work users on the basis of this volume, which is connected to the roof of the church.Located on the old roof space of the cathedral, it was proposed a slab where people can move around, observing the surroundings of the work and have contact with areas that were not used in this construction before.

Leonardo Lattaro FernandesLeonardo Lattaro FernandesLeonardo Lattaro FernandesLeonardo Lattaro Fernandes

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