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ID: 393
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Architectural Solution: What? A temporary covered open-air museum to tell stories of Notre-Dame while the longer-term final renovation is being operated. The visitors will be received by the 12 apostles of the spire, orphaned by its absence. The Apostles will continue watching over the city under the protective veil of Lady Mary. Why? Due to structural instability, it is time to end the mourning of the spire and accept its absence. The temporary structure will secure the building while foundations are being repaired and the stability of the cathedral reinforced. Excellence needs practical time to achieve timelessness. LEDUC’s spire will be rebuilt away, but will never return. It will be an itinerant work of art which will travel all over the World.When?The soonest, or never.How? A temporary roof/ceiling made of blue mirror inverted spider glass curtain hanging under a white Exoskeleton that will provide protection for the whole weakened landmark. The high-tech glass ceiling will reflect life of the city and the museum will remind the visitors that Heaven is the reflection of Earthly behavior. On the outside, it will be coated anti-UV and will prevent over heating while on the inside, it will be 50% mirroring allowing the exoskeleton to be visible while reflecting users and the city.The exoskeleton will be an abstraction of the Veil of Mother Mary, reminding believers of her protective presence.The burned deck will be replaced by a treated self-bearing insulated oak deck customized for Notre-Dame. For stability purposes, the new deck complex will weigh 3 to 4 times less than the original “Oak forest”. The existing medieval structure will be reused while introducing a new material, high-tech steel. The use of the outer skirt stone colonnade will be needed for the implementation of the new steel colonnade. New slopes’ angles and columns’ proportions will be identical to the medieval ones. All displaced stonework will be stocked away for future reuse/expose.A square hole in the deck representing the footprint of the missing spire will be filled with a glass inverted pyramid en homage to I.M. PEI recently parted. The inverted pyramid will bring zenithal light down into the Core of the Cathedral. When it’s raining, a hole in the middle of the inverted glass curtain ceiling will allow the pyramid to weep the departed Spire. During the night, a pulsing white projector beam will be firing light into the skies in memory of the 19th century spire.Who?The open-air museum will be another elevated open-air structure of Paris, allowing to all users a view over the Cathedral’s flamboyant architecture and entourage. While the inner Cathedral holds paintings and sensitive artefacts, the outer Cathedral will hold sculptures and new high-tech communication means that will redraw the history and the present of the Cathedral (construction, renovation, incidents, present journey of the travelling spire, etc.). On Mass days, the museum could be closed allowing the Parish to hold suspended masses, transcending believers from dark pasts into enlighted reformed future.


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