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Notre-Dame Design Competition

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Adrian Haigh

ID: 387

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ID: 387
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The Spire of Ressurrection- 'from New Begginings to New Begginnings' (Brother Roger of Taize) Influences & Inspiration from the 'Old to New' Testaments & French History.The Altar/base/plan of the Spire refers to The Pentateuch/pentagonal which continues up to the apex of The Spire.The Crosses of Lorraine(St.Jean D'Arc)using a Traditional Stonework with embellishments using traditional stonework/stonemasons.This main material infrastructure would also in keeping with the remaining/existing character of the Cathedral.The 'Fire on their foreheads'& the 'Flames' of the Holy Spirit('bloweth where it listeth')comprising of many multi-coloured Stained glass shapes(exquisitly made by French artisans)Enclosed within the Stonework infrastructure.IlluminationLED uplighting floodlights & from the roof-line above by natural light/daytime & nightime flood-lighting. SpecificationSpire of the Ressurrection(85 mtres) The existing roofline of the Cathedrale would have an apex roof continuum(main image inset)in keeping with the 'Light' theme.The existing 'Bee-keeping' would be afforded access with a 'pathway' around the roof which in turn would facilitate a close-up viewpoint for the remainder of The Spire/Crosses of Lorraine etc. This Roofline pathway could include refreshment facilities & viewing gallery.

Adrian HaighAdrian HaighAdrian HaighAdrian Haigh

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