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Notre-Dame Design Competition

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Amirarsalan Mahabadi , Habib (Pouyan) Shokripour , Reza Rostami

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ID: 379
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When Notre Dame Cathedral fire news was released on Monday, April 15, 2019, many people around the world prayed along with French and Catholics and wished the massive fire would be turned off sooner and caused less damage to this iconic building. Undoubtedly Notre Dame Cathedral is the cultural heritage of all humanity; a daily visit of 35,000 people from this exceptional building proves this claim. To remind this global convergence and universal sympathy for the survival of Notre Dame, as the nations of the world announced their sadness and sympathy one by one, we propose to flip the flag of all countries of the world one by one( with one second delay) , once a day over the burnt roof to say that heart of all cultured people in all over the world beat for the Notre Dame Cathedral in the cultural heart of the world. Moreover, during Notre Dame’s 800 years old life, she has been repeatedly modified ( changed in details) by artists of her time, this time, however, the fire, the wild hands of nature, has changed (surely not artistically) at the body of Lady of Paris. We believe the recent changes that have taken place in the Cathedral which is the product of a crazy fire attack on the roof and the spire, like changes made at any time( though it is not artistic) must be preserved and exposed to fans and visitors as part of the time changes.

Amirarsalan Mahabadi , Habib (Pouyan) Shokripour , Reza RostamiAmirarsalan Mahabadi , Habib (Pouyan) Shokripour , Reza RostamiAmirarsalan Mahabadi , Habib (Pouyan) Shokripour , Reza RostamiAmirarsalan Mahabadi , Habib (Pouyan) Shokripour , Reza Rostami

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