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Notre-Dame Design Competition

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Hyeonseok Kim

ID: 373

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ID: 373
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NOTRE-DAME is a big part of Paris and meaningful on all of citizen and tourists all around world. We got lost the history of Notre dame recently so I think now is the time we need to be aware of this sorrow and even after. I don't want to cover Notre dame with other different materials, I personally claim It has to be what it was.First of all, big point is make a restoration that can be back what it was easily so I suggest this White curtain Facade wall. The white curtain can be a block wall to do a restoration or exciting facade, while it is being built up. Second, I wish it could changeable design to make people learn Architecture give different scenes every day even the same time, because people don't think that buildings are different every day. therefore, The curtain apparently makes every single other scenes everyday and night with shadow in the building. Third, I want to give a chance that can check differences inside and outside of Notre Dame. People who watch outside of building can check this curtain's change and people's footage, shadows ,which is projected on curtains or wall which as same as the character of history and life have footage, pile it up slowly, and it become a thing at some point. Fourth, The reason why I take a White colour is a meaning of white when you express your sadness. therefore, I hope that people can remind of the day when Notre dame had a fire, because it is outrageous history and shouldn't be forgotten.Finally, I suggest this plan that has same contour as it was. Because It has a meaning when It was and when it looks like what it was at least. I insist that Maintaining outline is important to not make oblivion of essential things.

Hyeonseok KimHyeonseok KimHyeonseok KimHyeonseok Kim

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