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Notre-Dame Design Competition

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Yetao Jiang

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ID: 372
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Hugo once said in the preface to Notre Dame de Paris that a few years ago, when he visited her, in the dark corner of a steeple clock tower, he found the word carved on the wall: ANARKH. These uppercase Greek letters, which have been eroded by years, black and dark, are deeply embedded in the stone. These unspeakable symbols, especially the fate and tragic meanings, have deeply shaken his heart. Regardless of the cause of the fire, the ruthless fire has caused serious damage to this centuries-old monument. Despite the efforts of more than 400 French firefighters, the overall structure of Notre Dame was saved, a large number of artifacts were rescued, the top of which was basically burned, and the iconic spire was collapsed.The new design Notre Dame is in the shape of a four-leaf clover, one leaf represents prayer. One leaf represents hope; one leaf represents love; one piece represents happiness. The fifth leaf represents freedom. The four leaves spread out in four directions and work as the cover of the roof. And the fifth leaf which stood up high as a tower in the middle of the roof has a hollowed cross in the front. The solid and thick concrete is enclosed, creating a dark space, allowing people who enter it to feel the isolation from the outside world, and the sun is leaking in from the horizontal and vertical staggered openings of the wall. The "Cross of Light” is sacred, clear and pure. As people turn back, space becomes larger and becomes an aisle to the main tower of the Notre Dame. The strip shapes hollow at the cover has a touch of modern and let the light be the guide to lead the way.

Yetao JiangYetao JiangYetao JiangYetao Jiang

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