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Notre-Dame Design Competition

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Anita Barthelemy, Fabien Barthelemy, Timo Bilhöfer

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ID: 358
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Our approach is aiming to transform the negative memory of the devastating fire into a joyful perception of what is arising. The concept is to reconstruct the Notre-Dame roofing in multiple construction-steps, which will be celebrated each open to the public.At first, we divide the ancient roofing in unique and repeatable parts to minimize the effort of reconstruction. Generic industrial robots can mill these slices with high fidelity out of wood thanks to precise 3D-Scans made in the past.The next step consists of casting the wooden parts into a long lasting and fire-resistant material, such as concrete, right on the Notre-Dame square.We plan to organize a big festivity as we proceed to the phase of burning the wooden formwork out of the concrete.

This parallelism to the terrible incident in connection to the positivity of the festivities will relief the concerns about Notre-Dame, “burn” the memories of what happened into the concrete negative and begin the new era of the monumental cathedral of Paris.The wood being burned out, the concrete forms a concise negative of the original roofing, allowing to slump glass panes on it, recreating the exact ancient form in a contemporary material.While the glass elements are placed accordingly on the cathedrals structure, that we plan to rebuild and reinforce, we will arrange the concrete parts on the front square. Doing so allows all visitors to experience the original Notre-Dame roofing closely and creates a work of art recalling the most significant and destructive event happening to the monument since its construction.

These concrete sculptures would enhance the attractivity of the “parvis” without violating the historical correctness, as the square was not built like it is today until the end of the XIX century.The glass roof complements the cathedral’s gothic architecture by reaching to the sky and brings as much light as possible into the building. The structural limitations at the time of construction imposed a closed roof. A contemporary glass roof will lead the original constructor’s intention to excellence. The view to the now famous structure of the cathedral and to the sky is opened and the building seems to continue into endless heights. Also, the already weakened wooden structure is preserved from the curious in untouchable altitudes.This leitmotif can also be experienced in the concrete sculptures that, as a result of the casting process, are dotted with various vertically ordered openings, creating a play of light inside and allowing to see the sky.

Anita Barthelemy, Fabien Barthelemy, Timo BilhöferAnita Barthelemy, Fabien Barthelemy, Timo BilhöferAnita Barthelemy, Fabien Barthelemy, Timo BilhöferAnita Barthelemy, Fabien Barthelemy, Timo Bilhöfer

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