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Notre-Dame Design Competition

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Tan Chee Sing

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ID: 343
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The Notre Dame de Paris is a national pride in France. It belongs to the French people. As such, the revival of the part of Notre Dame which was destroyed by fire should create space for the benefit of the French people.  A Galerie des gens ( People's Gallery ) is proposed for the Notre Dame de Paris, occupying the roof space of the destroyed roof. A new roof which follows the original roof pitch and dimensions is to be constructed. Steel arches will be installed as the structural frame for the new roof, following the spacing of the existing flying buttresses of the cathedral. Insulated low-emissivity glass panels are to be installed to enclose the roof, spanning between steel arches and supported by spider clips.

The glass panels become the new stained glass windows at the roof of Notre Dame de Paris, as their internal surfaces are etched with images or paintings of important historical events took place in France, i.e. the People's events ( such as the people's storming of the Bastille, the women's march on Versailles, the Canut revolts, the June rebellion, the recent gilets jaunes demonstration, etc ). When one is inside the People's Gallery, one will be enthralled by the view of the etched glass panels enclosing the gallery. As one walks from one end to the other end of the gallery, one is literally walking through the people's history in France.

At night, the interior of the People's Gallery will be lit up, turning the etched glass panels into panels of history visible from the vicinity of Notre Dame. Instead of the original roof, these panels of history are deemed to be valuable new architectural elements of the Notre Dame.The People's Gallery is a gallery space dedicated to exhibitions related to the French people, be it works of photography, arts, history, culture, nature, science, etc. The artifacts saved from the tragic fire can also be displayed in the People's Gallery. Dates / years of historical importance are engraved on the floor of the People's Gallery as a reminder to the important lessons in history. The People's Gallery occupies the whole roof space ( in the shape of a cross on plan ). It is accessible by a new staircase located in the cathedral space.

In order to ascertain that the live and dead load of the People's Gallery can be sustained by the existing Notre Dame structure, the number of visitors to the gallery at any one time will be controlled via a manned entry at the staircase. A new spire is to be constructed following the original design and dimensions. The new spire is visible from the interior of the People's Gallery via the glass roof panels. In conclusion, the Galerie des gens ( People's Gallery ) is a humble effort to empower the French people by creating a multi-functional gallery space at the roof of the beloved Notre Dame.

Tan Chee SingTan Chee SingTan Chee SingTan Chee Sing

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