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Notre-Dame Design Competition

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Eric Liew

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ID: 340
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Paris is called the heart of Italy, while Notre Dame Cathedral is sitting at the heart of Paris, making itself the heart of the heart. Notre Dame Cathedral has a long history which is appreciated by the locals.The Notre Dame Cathedral fire incident has given itself a chance to be more than a cathedral. The roof is the main top cover to a building, but why we restrict a roof only to be a cover? Sitting at the center of Paris, why not giving ourselves a place, we can see this city at 360°? Why not create a space where can really see the city changes in through time? A museum of historic artifact collections when the city itself is a historic artifact? A monument that stood claiming record the incidents in the history, when the Cathedral itself is already an identity-rich monument stands through the history?Therefore, a glass rooftop memorial garden giving a full view of the city. Two story deck serving different views, the bottom story covered with a full clear glass curtain wall supported with steel frame skeletal structure enable a clear view towards outside. The upper story merging the city and the Cathedral itself providing different perspectives, therefore, making the cathedral more visitable.The previous roof had simple roofing system dated back to 1200s. Plain glass curtain panels are angled to join with each other to create a similar shape of the previous roof, as to appreciate the previous architecture.Roses are planted in the bottom story, surrounding the inner walkway creating voids seeing through the existing cathedral interior. Benches enable people to sit down appreciating the interior and of course the city.Two spiral stairs connecting both the stories. Upper story are four timber decks elongated, from the center spire, which lead to different city views. The center glass spire design is to remember the previous spire however is burnt down in the fire incident. The decks are surrounded with gothic inspired cast steel barrier rail to protect people from falling off.Paris is a great tourism location, adding more city views to welcome foreigners is a potential option, may also attract returning visitors in the meantime. Restoring the Cathedral to its previous may only bring back the past. However, the building itself had been modified several times, why we cannot have a Notre-Dame Cathedral in our version with the recent technology? Why we still living in the past?

Eric LiewEric LiewEric LiewEric Liew

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