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Notre-Dame Design Competition

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Federico Moncada

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ID: 337
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DESCRIPTION OF THE DESIGN Notre-Dame Cathedral is a historical landmark, a pillar of the arts, a foundation of spirituality, a monument to the highest aspirations of art and religion. One of the most sacred places in all of Catholicism, it is imbued with a certain silence, a kind of reverence that presides over a story of doctrines and symbols, a collection of memories that consecrates and coalesces into a lesson in morality.I believe the new design should respect, represent and embrace the historical significance of the past embedded in the cathedral and should commemorate the present, as well as invite a rebirth that celebrates and points to the future and holds a reverence to the spiritual values of religion and a testament to the highest aspirations of artistic and architectural achievement.I therefore submit, as part of the new design, gable roofs to be constructed of copper which is considered a healing metal that becomes a conduit for spiritual energy. And the ridge of the roofs to be embedded with the holy cross delineated in blue crystal, symbolic of healing energy. The base of the Spire includes viewing portals, alluding to the gothic openings in the Towers, stained-glass in the church, and the rose windows of the Cathedral. It is accessible to visitors by a stairway and will provide a 360 degree panoramic view of France and the world. A replica of "Stryga", the most famous Notre Dame gargoyle is embossed in copper, sits at the corners of the base, protecting the church that it guards.The ascending section of the Spire is embedded in copper and blue crystal. It measures 33 meters in height from it's base and represents each year in the life of Jesus. The color blue in the crystal spiritually signifies the Healing power of God. The beam of Light emanating from the crystal is directed upwards leading the eye towards the light and life from above, symbolizing the Ascension and the words of Jesus "I am the way and the truth and the life."Embedded in the spire is a depiction of the Catholic rosary with crucifix and beads. The rosary is based on moments in the lives of Jesus and Mary, called Mysteries. There are 4 sets of Mysteries, one for each of the four facades of the Spire. Each set contains 5 beads, one bead for each of the mysteries. The geometric configuration in copper is a depiction of "praying hands" and "mantle." They become a spiritual symbol leading the eye upwards representing God’s mercy in Notre Dame,"Our Lady" who protects and prays for us from above.Working in harmony, the various materials, symbolism, and distinct colors work in unison to invoke the higher frequencies of divinity. A process in which all elements behave in the same way at the same time, simultaneous and synchronistic in parallel action working together as a benefaction and benevolence to all of humanity.

Federico MoncadaFederico MoncadaFederico MoncadaFederico Moncada

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