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Notre-Dame Design Competition

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Mark W Molen, AIA, Dennis C. K. Poon, P.E., Thornton Tomasetti

ID: 326

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ID: 326
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This design concept is not meant to be permanent! It is intended to enable the timely reconstruction and renovation of Notre Dame Cathedral. The design envisioned is a temporary tensile membrane roof stretched over a lightweight tubular steel structure. The temporary lightweight structure can be quickly fabricated and installed, it will enable the Cathedral to be opened again within two years’ time and be open for the 2024 Paris Olympics whether the renovation is complete or not!The temporary membrane structure, based upon the proportions of the existing gothic architecture, is lightweight and connects to the load bearing stone piers in the cathedral and stabilizes the damaged building. We would also propose further strengthening the existing cathedral during the renovation process. By covering the cathedral, the existing stone vaulting would soon dry out at which time it should be possible to repair and replace the damaged and missing vaulting in situ from scaffolding erected off of the cathedral floor. This design solution also provides for an upper level gallery that will serve parishioners and visitors during most of the renovation process. The gallery space, shown conceptually in the experience image, has the same footprint as the cathedral floor. In this space masses may be celebrated, and occupants will be able to watch the ongoing renovation process of the vaulted ceiling below. After the stone vaulting has been stabilized, repaired, and replaced as required, the glass floored viewing gallery on the upper level will be removed and the roof will be reconstructed of fire-resistant engineered lumber to essentially match the original. Note that the temporary structure has been designed with enough clearance and strength to support renovation and reconstruction of the Cathedral.The design also features a tessellated tower structure which will stand in for the cathedrals destroyed spire in the short term and restore the fabric of the Paris skyline. Later, the tessellated tower structure will serve as scaffolding for construction of a new spire. When the project is complete, the tensile roof and lightweight steel will be disassembled and removed. At that time, the renovated Notre Dame Cathedral will be reborn.

Mark W Molen, AIA, Dennis C. K. Poon, P.E., Thornton TomasettiMark W Molen, AIA, Dennis C. K. Poon, P.E., Thornton TomasettiMark W Molen, AIA, Dennis C. K. Poon, P.E., Thornton TomasettiMark W Molen, AIA, Dennis C. K. Poon, P.E., Thornton Tomasetti

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