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Notre-Dame Design Competition

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Neil Harrison

ID: 322

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ID: 322
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Design based on the Acronym 'France' - Definition 'Friendship Remains and Never Can End.'The Spire incorporates a total of 195 equally sized arches representing all the 195 countriesof the world united as 'one'. (How France views it's friendship with ALL even during difficult times)The simple but ornate design captures the Elegance of France and in particular - 'UNI SPIRE' (united spire)All 195 arches are exactly the same size (meaning that all countries areequal irrespective of size or religion or wealth).The overall scale (height and width) can be increased to suit the actualsize required. Arches can be changed to a 'gothic' style if more suitable.Materials - Oak frame with lead shelves. Each window Stained / subtlecoloured glass windows of each country (in alphabetical order)Each country can be asked if they wish to design their own patternbased on the colours of their flag / country. In the daytime sunlightwill highlight the glass and look amazing from the inside.At night, internal lighting will again highlight the glass to be viewed externally and will look equally spectacular.One window shown for example only.

Neil HarrisonNeil HarrisonNeil HarrisonNeil Harrison

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