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Notre-Dame Design Competition

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Pierangelo Censi

ID: 319

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ID: 319
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The People's Notre Dame Cathedral Design Competition. Description of choices. The present proposal tries to give an answer to the question, namely whether rebuild everything exactly as it was and  where it was or try a new representation of our shared experience.

The project proposal intends to fully recover the previous image of the covers with a laminated wood warping in order to lighten the structure that would rely on perimeter walls, consolidate everything and where necessary strengthen statically the structure. Rebuild times damaged as was the fire of Turin in 1997 that destroyed the Guarini Chapel where the shroud was kept and insert a new spire in lightweight steel and glass that it rests on the prolongation of the central pillars, at the Spire collapsed by Viollet le Duc. Recover the morphology nevertheless becoming contemporary design and materials.

The Spire would have an octagonal shape inscribed within a square of side 6,60 meters height 54 meters. Inside would house a spiral staircase that would make the climb up to a height of 39 meters. The interior of the Church should be restored in a scientific way by retrieving all the statuary and iconography, if possible using the same stone materials. This proposal is intended as a provocation of an architect now, but would see a total reconstruction of what was where he was.

Pierangelo CensiPierangelo CensiPierangelo CensiPierangelo Censi

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