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Notre-Dame Design Competition

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Alex Smirnov

ID: 316

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ID: 316
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Notre Dame cathedral in nowadays is important heritage of humanity, priceless a symbol not only of Paris, but of the whole world. It is like a ship, sailing through centuries, through history and making a wonderful impression on every person who sees it. It is like Noah’s Ark – can live through a disaster and save the values that it harbors. It permeates time and echoes in eternity. That is why the ship was chosen as idea and future concept image that shows the full power of this history witness. Stylized crosses play the role of masts of this ship. Three crosses were chosen for concept. All crosses have a wooden base. The central cross is above the rest, as should be the central mast. It is equipped with built-in brass panels on one side and light panels on the other. Light symbolizes purity and hope for humanity in this concept. The other two crosses have only built-in brass panels on both sides, like additional masts. Cables were added to the masts-crosses for greater transfer of ship styling. Latrine statue is the special part of the ensemble of the new ship. It gives completeness to the image. This place should become a public place for all people, carry light and history through generations, that is why the beam of light crowns the central mast. It looks up into the sky. And history of Paris is inscribed on the built-in brass panels of the central mast. Stone paving was chosen for this concept as the central path. Two shallow ponds are located on the sides of the paving to give lightness and symbolism. The statues of saints on the enclosing elements around the perimeter add aesthetics. The chosen concept not only fits well into architecture of Notre Dame, but also gives the cathedral even more value, revealing the history of Paris.

Alex SmirnovAlex SmirnovAlex SmirnovAlex Smirnov

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