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Notre-Dame Design Competition

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Frank Liu

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ID: 313
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When I was thinking, I thought that it should not be too different from the original volume and form, retaining the original building volume and form, but using modern techniques and building materials to present a brand new visual and symbolic meaning. The roof and the spires became the starting point for my plan. In this way, the restored Notre Dame will have the form, proportion and volume before the fire, as well as the simplicity and rationality of the modern architecture, and will echo and blend with the church part that is now preserved. It is also more in line with the aesthetics of modern people, further sublimating the image of Notre Dame de Paris, making it a more beautiful business card in Paris.

So my plan is to restore the shape of the Notre Dame de Paris before the burnout, and to show the charm of Notre Dame with modern technology and materials. Respect the former state and restore it with modern methods. Let the Notre Dame be reborn.

The roof is made of gradual glass, creating a dreamlike, light-like roof that comes from heaven. Through the gradual change of the transmittance of the glass, the ridge is gradually transparent from the uppermost layer of glass to the bottom layer of the completely transparent glass. The spire part is supported by a lightweight steel structure. The outer part of the steel structure is covered with a gradual color of crystal material, so that the lower part of the minaret gradually becomes transparent until the highest part is completely transparent and disappears into the sky, blending with the sky. A layer of LED film is placed behind the crystal to give the apex a stunning, incredible visual effect at night. Let Notre Dame be the visual focus of the entire area at night. This will give the people of Paris a world-class architectural identity that is more open, dynamic and distinctive than before.

From the inside, the roof part can see the surrounding Paris city scenery, open the original roof space, and the sight of the person is transparent, gradually weakening upward until it is completely opaque. The gradient roof can guide people's eyes upwards, and the roof top can be Place the curtains of the Renaissance murals and re-establish the history to the roof. Here, people can not only see the city outside the roof, but also the historical murals on the roof, the integration of old and new, where history and modernity meet.

Frank LiuFrank LiuFrank LiuFrank Liu

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