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Notre-Dame Design Competition

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Huynh Thanh Nha

ID: 302

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ID: 302
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1. The primary value of faith

The church as the temple of God where the children of God express their honour to Him. The church as home for everyone, it does not belong any individual, agency or organization. The church is where the sheep witness the miracle of the God and believe that He will come back and take them.

2. Current situation

The primary values of faith are only increasingly serving individual interests. The rapid development of science and technology are making Christian begin to hesitate on the miracle of faith. When building the church, they spend as much as money for faith instead of seeking the miracle of faith. They forget that belief is the most noble and holy value of a Christian.

3. Design: The flowing Fish

- Value of faith: JESUS FISH

This is the most basic and primary symbol of Christian to use and it is a gathering place, marking believers to return to God.

- Value of society: A HOUSE FOR ALL

The entire roof will be open-space designed with functions as the home where we can connect not only inside but also outside the church under a roof of the heaven for everyone.

The church is the intersection of internal and external traffic focal point thanks to a physical open-roof and the flowing- fish lines that continually expand around.

Definition of a traditional church will be broken; instead of that, a completely new "ecosystem" is no longer limited in small spaces (wall –roof – column). Then all the churches around the world will share a same roof is the miracle immense sky.

4. Operation

Depending on the seasons and occasions, these flowing- lines can be transformed into different purposes.

- A place for visiting the church by following downstream on boats and taking a panorama view of Paris from above.

- A place for covering by patches of green grass to enjoy the sun and outdoor activities.

- A place for beautiful shimmer of Paris flower garden from high above.

- A place for art performance activities and many other functions, etc.

5. Consequences

Paris in particular and all over the world will generally open their church to welcome everyone. This will be our home; the church will no longer be limited to the framework of visible walls and roofs.

A new era will be reshaped the traditional values of faith is through by the opening design of future church.

Huynh Thanh NhaHuynh Thanh NhaHuynh Thanh NhaHuynh Thanh Nha

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