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Notre-Dame Design Competition

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Wang Hong Wei

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ID: 301
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There is no need to repair Notre-Dame De Paris According to its original appearance, I think we should use modern super high-rise building technology to redesign the Notre Dame steeple, and with this as the highlight in the northwest direction of Notre Dame to build high-end CBD business core, through the development of modern architecture to drive the economic development of the core areas of Paris, the formation of tourist sightseeing, excursions, catering, shopping, Rest one stop service, rectification of the ancient construction here, improve the quality of Paris city services, for more Parisians to provide more employment opportunities, rectification of this regional building, so that the city of Paris into a normal modern urban life.

I think the redesign of Notre-Dame De Paris should not simply consider the restoration of the original building, my view is to adopt the overall urban image and the way of urban development to consider, the real integration of Notre Dame into the urban construction and development of the overall plan consideration, will be more favorable to the existing urban development and Notre-Dame new urban spirit positioning. So the steeple design of this case I use the Crystal Crown design shape, by a main tower and four small towers and Notre Dame original top shape together to form a crown shape of the steeple.

The main tower of the Crown Tower is designed to be 600 meters high, beyond the Eiffel Tower 276 meters, as the tallest building landmark symbol in Paris, the original architect of first heart-that is, let Notre Dame in Paris become the tallest building, so now I still restore the original designer's first heart, designed to become the tallest building in Paris, Let the entire Parisian public see it from any angle. So I suggest using my aerial science fiction architecture concept to design Notre Dame minarets and surrounding CBD to enhance the image of the international city of Paris's modern metropolis. Society is progressing, history is moving forward, civilization is developing.

Construction can not be in situ, construction needs to promote the development of the process of human civilization, so I think the ancient city of Paris must be revamped and upgraded to adapt to the pace of history, society, civilization and progress, to give the people of Paris a healthy sunny and modern image of the international city. Considering the economic development of Paris, I designed Swan Square, Swan International Shopping Center, Swan International Shopping Center building height design of 400 meters, as the most expensive and bustling shopping center in the center of Paris. Set shopping, sightseeing, dining, entertainment, and hotel as a whole, with the image of the swan design performance of the City of Paris romance, the use of aerial science fiction architectural design concept to enhance the status of Paris international city.

Designed at a height of 500 metres, the red wine building is the highest-level office building in the heart of Paris, with two connected world's tallest swimming pools at the top of the building, with transparent red glass on the exterior walls of the swimming pool, and people swimming in the pool in the distance from Paris. With the theme design of the Paris civilized red wine as the office building, the design shape uses the red glass and the red wine knot together with the Swan Square building to present the magnificent City Phantom, together for the Paris city to inject the romantic cultural element expression.

At the same time, the red wine building to enhance the region's high-end enterprise agglomeration. For the world's top 500 enterprises to provide a more modern and civilized office environment. Compared with other, I think the aerial sci-fi architectural design is more important to the economic development of Paris, modern urban life and the image of civilized city

Wang Hong WeiWang Hong WeiWang Hong WeiWang Hong Wei

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