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Trees! Design Competition

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Laszlo Andahazy, Lorand Andahazy

ID: 212

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ID: 212
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Tree planters have to be big enough for the rootage, that’s why they are heavy in most cases and can be moved only by special equipment. Our desire is to bring tree planting closer to the people. That is the reason why we developed an easy-to-assemble planter wich can be used on streets, city squares, smaller private courts, balconies or roofs. People could easily buy them as flat-pack in any retail store. We made it simply portable: it fits into a car or an elevator and can be easily lifted by hand. Following simple instructions people can assemble the elements quickly. The bag used for packaging is made of geotextile wich should be used inside the planter as a lining, therefore no waste is generated. Avoiding angularity we strove to look firendly in all aspects. The planter can be made from multiple ingredients but our suggestion is HPL (High Pressure Laminated) panels made of recycled wood waste by UV- and weather resistant coating. Attached stickers drawing attention to the lack of trees can be placed freely to the sides.

Laszlo Andahazy, Lorand AndahazyLaszlo Andahazy, Lorand AndahazyLaszlo Andahazy, Lorand AndahazyLaszlo Andahazy, Lorand Andahazy

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