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Jiangyan Chen

ID: 207

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ID: 207
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In Chinese cities, due to the high density of population, most of the families live in apartments and do not have a courtyard, while many people do want a garden of their own. lots of them end up with simply putting a few flower pots in balcony because they do not know how to design a garden, nor do they want to pay a professional designer to do it. The product "garden pack", designed for such conditions, consists of 28 cubes for various kinds of plants, containing several necessary elements for a small garden: one tree cube, one bush cube, two flower cubes, two vegetable cubes(because lots of old people in China love working in a farm), one custom cube (to put decorations you like), one sitting cube (served as a seat and a toolbox for gardening), four stepping cubes (to form a path in garden) and sixteen grass cubes.

There are numerous ways to place the cubes (as is shown in the interaction image), which allows the customers to design their own garden and adjust it anytime; they can even change the plants conveniently by replacing one of the cubes.  The size of the cubes is designed to fit in a common balcony in Chinese apartment, and also take the thickness of earth needed for different plants into consideration: larger cubes for trees and smaller ones for flowers. What's more, the cubes can be piled up in one large cube, making it easy to transport them.

How will your design encourage more people or cities to grow trees?

Lots of people in China want to have a garden but cannot afford a real courtyard. This design, which makes it convenient and interesting to build a garden in balcony and doesn't cost much more than a few flower pots, aims to make full use of the balconies in cities to plant trees by meeting the need of having a garden. Every garden pack contains a tree cube, so one more pack sold means one more tree is planted. Almost every family in Chinese cities has a balcony, making the design a potential for encouraging tree planting.

Jiangyan ChenJiangyan ChenJiangyan ChenJiangyan Chen

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