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Trees! Design Competition

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Tan Chee Sing

ID: 201

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ID: 201
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This is a simple design that capitalizes on the typical street bench which can be found everywhere in the world. A typical street bench is designed to be a "sTREEt bench", by providing a tree-shaped cutout on the bench's back rest. At certain hours of the day, under the sunlight, a shadow depicting a tree will be cast onto the ground beside the sTREEt bench. It pinpoints the location where a tree is thought to be needed.It works like this : People can just move the sTREEt bench to the spot where they think that a tree is needed ( to provide shade, shelter, visual pleasure, biological enhancement, etc ). The sTREEt bench is designed to be moved around easily as it is on wheels which can be locked to secure it.When the sTREET bench is moved to the intended location, under the sunlight, a shadow depicting a small tree is cast at certain hours of the day. Passers-by are then aware of the need of a tree in that particular position. They can plant the tree by themselves, or in collaboration with the community. Once a tree is planted, the sTREEt bench can be easily moved to elsewhere to continue pinpointing the locations of more tree-planting. It is not your typical street bench. It is the “sTREEt bench” which is a unique campaigner of tree planting!

How will your design encourage more people or cities to grow trees?

The sTREEt bench is an attempt to empower the “man on the street” to decide where to plant trees, how many trees to be planted, what type of trees to be planted, etc in their community. It is thought that the community has a better understanding of the need for trees in their own locality. By moving the sTREEt benches around, more trees can be planted where they are needed the most. It is a simple, fun and engaging exercise which is designed to empower the community. It combines tree planting and community empowerment.

Tan Chee SingTan Chee SingTan Chee SingTan Chee Sing

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