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Pyae Phyo Kyaw

ID: 1568

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ID: 1568
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I am a Master of Architecture student in Hochschule Wismar, Germany. Wismar is old city with many historical building and also a World Heritage UNESCO city. All the houses and building were harmony with their roof form. Even the modern houses follow their way of harmony and balance to each other. Thus, I always want to design a modern house which can harmony with the historical environment.
Form Variation and Spaces

The main idea of my concept in this project is to get the harmony with the old building which were quiet balanced to each other with their roof form. So, I tried to inspired that roof to my modern contemporary design.
Secondly, the inner space need to get lighting in the daytime even in the cloudy day to save the artificial lighting as well as to save the energy. To achieve this, I divided the building into two by the large two structural walls which make the inner space to look like a hall way and doubled volume height. Moreover, that hall way become the main circulation of the house and connection to the office (business area). That hall way is covered with the glass roof.
Home / Office

¬¬¬In the time of Corona Pandemic, people can’t go to work and work from home was introduced in all around the world. So, people had to work in their home as in their office with many difficulties because we have never considered extra work spaces and function in the home design as in office. Thus, I tried to add some office function (business area) in the house.

Material Usages
There is rules and regulations to use the material with the standard requirement in Germany. Moreover, we have to install the heat insulation materials outside of the building to prevent the external temperature especially in the Winter. Thus, I used those standard material to which can help to save the use of energy to cooling and warming the building.

Pyae Phyo KyawPyae Phyo KyawPyae Phyo KyawPyae Phyo Kyaw

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