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Joseph Kermode & Tomass Stripinis

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ID: 1567
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Vorkuta is the deepest mining site in the world, whilst it products are precious metals and expensive ores region itself is quite poor since all of income is exported.

The Komsomolsky Mine is home to indigenous Komi Republic people that have been neglected during Soviet Era. The project aim is to address the needs of people who’s life takes place in one of the worlds harshest climates while providing continued service to the rest of the world. One of the immediate responses would be to abandon such hostile climate however people who are indigenous to the region would never do so, therefore the creation of a community and structures that can support life in such climate are of great importance. The roads in such area are impossible to maintain and the only transport is railroads.

The site - the old mine provides perfect space where the already established community of high skilled workers prosper and are in need to appropriate housing in 21st century. While arctic region seems like highly unlikely area for developing community, because of its resources there is a lot of potential and need to futureproof the living space for people who move and live there.

The project addresses every one of these issues by creating living quarters that are cold resistant whilst allowing interaction with tourists and other people around the area.

Joseph Kermode & Tomass StripinisJoseph Kermode & Tomass StripinisJoseph Kermode & Tomass StripinisJoseph Kermode & Tomass Stripinis

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