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Wun Shin Liew

ID: 1564

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ID: 1564
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The story of this home is told through the lens of an Indonesian solo mother Emma - who not only looked after her only daughter and her own mother, but her extended family of siblings and her in laws, nephews, nieces. Her story is like so many other extended Indonesian families, where the definition of a family, is more than just blood.

Covid has ripped through this family - taking away 3 members, including Emma. Covid also took away job security, home security, social connections. Emma’s home, a memory filled home that's used to housing all family at different times, is now left standing without Emma to look after it. It is  run down and was never built to house different family dynamics. Emma’s home currently provides a makeshift home for her brother in law who is now a widower due to Covid. Emma's cousin and grandaunt also live there as they also do not have any financial or home security.

Needing to move in is Emma’s nephew and his family including 3 year old daughter. In addition to this is Emma's Sister and her husband, who not only look after this 3 year old granddaughter during the day, but they also look after another grandson whose father (her son) has passed away due to Covid.

The redesign of Emma's home is more than just rebuilding a home to fit a growing family's need, it is about the rehabilitation of a family, that needs careful consideration of social family dynamics that enables each of them to flourish, and not have the stressors of Covid take a toll on their souls, as well enables them to look after each other the way that an Indonesian family looks after each other. This is GOTONG ROYONG, an Indonesian phrase that captures this spirit. An unwritten rule where extended family depend on each other, grow old together and work together so that individuals can flourish.

Emma’s existing home is like that of many Indonesian homes where multiple families live under the one roof, that is a whole family might sleep in one room while sharing living spaces, kitchen and bathrooms. How can the rebuilding of this home, be seen as an opportunity to reconsider the Indonesian family home that embodies the spirit of GOTONG ROYONG? While simultaneously at the same time, address personal space issues so that people are not living on top of each other all the time. With the Pandemic exaggerating and amplifying home living conditions, there was an urgent need to relook at this family model.


Wun Shin LiewWun Shin LiewWun Shin LiewWun Shin Liew

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