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Macarie Alina

ID: 1563

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ID: 1563
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The Floating House

Climate change is one of the most prevalent issues that our world faces today. And although this is a global issue, some areas of the planet are more affected than others. Taking a closer look at the most vulnerable communities around the world, they can show u show one event, specifically climate change, can create a domino effect that destroys livelihoods and ecosystems. One such community is found in the wetlands of Bangladesh. A country with a growing population, increasingly less dry land, affected by constant and more frequent flooding, land erosion and worsening weather patterns. Land erosion displaces the community living in the wetland areas in Bangladesh, but it doesn’t stop there.

This home illustrates the problem that needs to be solved.

Macarie AlinaMacarie AlinaMacarie AlinaMacarie Alina

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