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Popa Sara-Maria

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ID: 1561
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The chosen community for this project is located in Retezat National Park, Romania, specifically a small town called Câmpu lui Neag. The scenery is composed of some of the most beautiful mountains in the country, endless forests, unique lakes and kind people.

A few decades ago, the area was populated by miners and was flourishing. Due to the location’s big potential, the surrounding cities started to develop and expensive infrastructure was built. However, that was not enough to stop the mining industry from crashing and with it came the destruction of thousands of people’s lives that were tied to it. Suddenly, the place that offered so many was left to decay. Nowadays, the population still struggles to grow again. The resources exist and so does the will of individuals, but the government fails to aid help year by year.

I chose this particular situation because I still see potential in it and it already has a base to work with. For example, a massive electrical infrastructure has been built, but it was never used because the place was deserted and there was no use for it anymore. The structure still stands, and with the proper care it could function well. This would certainly help a developing community.

The traditional homes are made out of wood and are fairly small. People tend to live in a space just big enough to feel comfortable, they are not excessive. The small businesses that they would own would offer homemade goods like different types of food or clothing or services such as building or repairing things for the community.

Popa Sara-MariaPopa Sara-MariaPopa Sara-MariaPopa Sara-Maria

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