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Anna Guseva, Ilnar Akhtiamov, & Rezeda Akhtiamova

ID: 1558

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ID: 1558
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BINDU. Transformable CLT Living Module for Life-Work Space Balance

The city of Chennai in India has been famous for its 20th-century experimental dwellings, yet today, there are many abandoned sites and deteriorated buildings in the city. Chennai needs a new rise of innovative housing construction, to comply with the population growth, sanitation standards, and the new lifestyle. Now, urban housing seeks compact eco-conscious solutions with balanced spaces for work and leisure.

The BINDU Living Module offers a diverse ‘space matrix’, to customise your life priorities. The ancient Indian BINDU symbol means the starting point, the centre of a dwelling and the Universe. The new BINDU Module attempts to combine local housing traditions and modern structures, creating a transformable inner space, full of light and joy. Developing the timber dwelling traditions, the BINDU Living Module is composed of low-carbon CLT panels, gaining popularity in India.

The BINDU Living Module may suit small business owners, entrepreneur couples, extended families, or a co-living community. The changing inner environment allows the dwellers to isolate common and private zones for work and leisure, tailored to their needs. Although the BINDU Module consists of 6 functional zones, like a normal house, they can be customised in an innovative way.

There is a mechanical ‘Floating’ Entresol in the Module’s central double-height space. By moving the Entresol, you can make the living room double-height, to ‘light up’ your family dinner. Alternatively, you can make the workshop area at the entrance double-height, to impress the customers that visit you. Moving the Entresol also lets you enter either a private bedroom, or a common outdoor terrace. The Entresol itself is a study area or an additional bedroom. The floating staircase, integrated in the Entresol, is covered with a translucent material. It visually unites the two levels of the Module and lets daylight gently dissolve within the room.

The 4.5 m square constructive grid ensures the optimal use of CLT floor and wall panels. Assembled on a framework, the Modules can form multi-storey houses of diverse floor patterns, with a concrete staircase core. Adjoined in various combinations, isolated BINDU apartments gain spaces for social interaction, like yards, terraces, and portals. Thus, the BINDU Living Modules can form private villas, semi-detached houses, rows of terraced houses, as well as courtyard blocks, towers, and even mixed-use skyscrapers.

Given that all materials for the Module fit into one shipping container, the BINDU Living Modules are easy to construct and transport, making the whole process cost-effective. Being energy-efficient, the Module ensures good air flow and comfortable insolation. Thanks to the double-height space and an outdoor terrace, there is daylight in every room, including the bathroom. Both interior and exterior decoration can be customised.

BINDU Modular Housing in Chennai can take whatever forms you imagine, suiting any lifestyle you follow.

Anna Guseva, Ilnar Akhtiamov, & Rezeda AkhtiamovaAnna Guseva, Ilnar Akhtiamov, & Rezeda AkhtiamovaAnna Guseva, Ilnar Akhtiamov, & Rezeda AkhtiamovaAnna Guseva, Ilnar Akhtiamov, & Rezeda Akhtiamova

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