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Aleena Mariam Sajan, Mereen Sarah Koshy, & Treesa Roy

ID: 1556

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ID: 1556
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Valiyathura, lying along the coastline of Thiruvananthapuram, is home to an age old fishing community. Poverty wracked, its people live in deplorable conditions. Most families lack a dwelling of their own and live in large common sheds. These sheds are crammed, unorganized and highly unsanitary. The people also use common makeshift latrines, which along with their dwelling conditions, lead to diseases. However, the people are reluctant to be relocated away from the place they call home and prefer to live near the source of their livelihood.

This housing project aims at providing individual units for families at a low cost along the coastline. One housing module can be repeated to create a fishing village.

The coastal area has an abundance of containers from adjacent ports. These can be used to form container dwellings which fit into the coastal landscape. The dwelling is raised on stilts and given steel framework. This provides a veritable protection against strong winds and the high tides of the Indian ocean.

Though a well-known fishing community, they lack a proper marketplace to sell their catch. Presently, they spread their catch on sheets on the ground, and no place is permanent.

Raising the container dwelling unit provides space for the owner to set up shop underneath to sell fish and other goods. A second container is set up, angled to face the road. On the occasion of strong tidal flooding, this container can float away easily, not affecting the overall structure of the dwelling unit, keeping its inhabitants safe.
The interior of the house has no walls; this provides flexibility in the arrangement of spaces and is up to the user.
This project hopes to provide the individuality and the right to a safe and habitable shelter the people in the community have been deprived of for too long.

Aleena Mariam Sajan, Mereen Sarah Koshy, & Treesa RoyAleena Mariam Sajan, Mereen Sarah Koshy, & Treesa RoyAleena Mariam Sajan, Mereen Sarah Koshy, & Treesa RoyAleena Mariam Sajan, Mereen Sarah Koshy, & Treesa Roy

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