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Fung Chow

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ID: 1555
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The Netherlands has been struggling with housing shortage for quite a while.
In many large Dutch cities like Amsterdam, it’s impossible to find a home that’s suitable in terms of size and requirements. Unaffordable housing, paying a huge amount of money for houses that aren’t big enough for you and your family. The middle class, aiming for a house with a garden for the children to play in, can’t afford to stay in the city and moves to the outskirts. The people who do want to stay in the city, pay more for less m².

A family in which only the husband works, rents a house in the social housing sector.
His income is too low to rent a bigger house for him, his wife and 3 children. His wife initially stayed at home to look after the children, but later on decided to get a job so they could look for something bigger. For years they were on the list for a bigger house. After an approval notice, they were incredibly happy to hear that they’d qualify for it. Later, the housing association said that unfortunately they couldn’t get the house, because right now they earned too much for the bigger apartment. Disappointment and sadness was all they could feel at that moment. The confidence and faith to ever leave their current home was gone; the couple calls their home a prison, a place they can't get out of because of the ‘corrupt’ housing system. In the living room, the eldest son is unable to do his homework due to the noise, so he does this on his bunk bed. Unfortunately, this situation occurs too often. Children who have problems concentrating and cannot focus properly at school, with all consequences for their futures.

The house where this family currently resides in is an apartment of 50 m². In their own words, they call it a prison, while this place should actually give the feeling of being ‘home’. Not spacious enough and no possibilities to retreat to focus on important things.

The proposal is a design in which the existing situation is retained as much as possible. By rethinking the organization of the plan, more space can be created. Both the parents and the children will feel less cramped, gaining more privacy and space to focus.

This situation is common in families with children who are in primary/secondary school. The old plinth makes room for parent(s) to start their own businesses here; a Dutch fishmonger, a Turkish bakery. Together with a laundromat and library, people of all ages come together to shop, study or get to know each other, strengthening the social cohesion of the neighborhood and regaining the happiness of living here. The new functions ensure that the bond with the family remains strong; the parent(s) don’t work far from home and can take care of their children at home when they come home from school. An upgrade for the home, family and neighborhood; living in a happy place in the long term!

Fung ChowFung ChowFung ChowFung Chow

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