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Popandopulo Sofiya

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ID: 1554
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As we witness a change in people's lifestyles, the idea of home changes from personal to more general. Many apartment buildings provide larger public spaces for social coalition. Today people prefer to live and work in a community of like-minded people that promotes socialization. The boundaries between workspace and living space have become blurred, and work has changed from a “place to go” to a “occupation”.

The plantation home is a hybrid home and workspace structure for the local population in Mumbai. The designed structure of the house is flexible enough to be compatible with the permanent migration of residents. The design of each residential cell is compact, but at the same time it provides everything you need.

Mumbai is a densely populated metropolis on the west coast of India. As in many large cities, the issue of overpopulation in Mumbai is one of the most acute today. A skyscraper plantation helps to solve the problem with a lack of housing. The tropical climate is favorable for gardening. The garden is an integral part of the building so much that it is impossible to say where the outer space ends and the inner space begins, which once again emphasizes the community.

Growing your own organic fruits and vegetables is an important step towards creating a self-sufficient home. While it takes effort and dedication, it is well worth it as it not only reduces the carbon footprint, but also allows the residents of the home to support themselves by selling products in the marketplace provided on the lower level of the building. In addition, green architecture increases the comfort of living conditions, restores the natural environment, and contributes to the protection of the ecology of our planet.

Popandopulo SofiyaPopandopulo SofiyaPopandopulo SofiyaPopandopulo Sofiya

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