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We Miss Restaurants! Design Competition

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Katia Volokh

ID: 1527

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ID: 1527
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What does the restaurant mean for us?

It is a space where people enjoy  dishes, interior and each other.

As for me these are three components of harmony.  They should complement each other.

The role of the interior is to tune a mood, to give an opportunity to focus on something important and not to fuss up.

I have done the light minimalist design with industrial style elements.

I want to show that the style – it is not to fill the space of different elements. You can leave more open space and the interior will breathe.

Materials are relevant to a mood of diners.

The floor combines ceramic tiles and concrete.  Walls combine lightweight fabrics, concrete and rusty metal.

Hardware made of ferrous metals and of wood. The same materials are used to decorate columns and arches.

There are red leather chairs nqar the bar. Sofa and other chairs are with white textiles are connected with walls.

The interior combines different  materials and I’ve got the desired result.

The room looks like aggregate picture and ready to be filled with people and their conversations.

Katia VolokhKatia VolokhKatia VolokhKatia Volokh

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