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Victória De La Torre

ID: 1524

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ID: 1524
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We learned some important lessons in our guarded time, one of them was: The importance of public space and meeting space. All around the world we suffer for the lack of other humans, and realize that virtual space is not enough for our physical and social needs, after all we are not robots but developed mammals.
The excess time that we spend in our home also alerts us to another lesson: the quality of our space. The little contact with nature, the absence of natural light, the excess of work and the routine discomfort, make us realize that we were within a logic focused on labor productivity, without space or time for us as human beings with emotions, dreams, desires, hobbies, free time. The lookdown was not enough to change the logic but to perceive what is affecting us.

The restaurant named Ehepama (Ehepama means slowly in Sáteré-Mawe indigenous dialect), try to understand what is essential for a restaurant, an shelter space, for food and meeting inserted into an active dynamic with the city. From the concept of essential opted for simple forms, few materials capable of being used in many ways and the strong presence of natural elements.

The entrance is an invitation and present for the public. The arched concrete roof protrudes beyond the lot to create shadow and protection for the seats surrounded for plants. When the restaurant is open, this is the reception and waiting room, when it's closed it can be a resting space for the public.

The tables are arranged according to the rules of social distance between them, colored concrete vases with plans bring join for the space. Intimate and open space are created at the same time where the visited can see the others but far enough away for their own safety. Opposite reception are the cucine and the toilets.

The design presented build with simple forms and materials, a space that convey feelings of calm, tranquility and safety, in a cozy and elegant environment, to show that we can get out this better than we started.

Victória De La TorreVictória De La TorreVictória De La TorreVictória De La Torre

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