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We Miss Restaurants! Design Competition

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Vasilisa Morkovkina

ID: 1523

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ID: 1523
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Why do people like restaurants so much? For some people it's just an opportunity to have a delicious meal, for others it's a pleasant evening in the company of friends. Some come to a restaurant for the gastronomic experience, and some for the unique atmosphere and unusual interior. But I think people have one thing in common: we all want to feel a little happier when we go to a restaurant. In this project I was looking for an answer to the question: "can architecture and design make people happier?" The main idea of this project is "architecture of happiness", the creation of an environment that would increase a person's feeling of joy.

The projected restaurant is located in Altai, in my small motherland. I associate this place with home, family and friends. That's why the restaurant is oriented on relaxation with family and friends. The interior should be light and airy, and the atmosphere is conducive to socializing.
The restaurant is located in the building of country club with a hotel and a spa. The complex has a large landscaped area, a forest and a river. All this makes it an ideal place for events and celebrations, including weddings.

Given the context, the target audience and the concept of the institution, the idea for the name of the restaurant was born quickly enough - "Cloud nine," a place where you can feel being on cloud nine.

The symbolism of the name is clearly seen in the interior: pastel colors, lots of light, a glass roof through which you can see the sky and, finally, an airy "cloud" over the bar and neon sign "O2".

For this restaurant, the Mediterranean cuisine was chosen as being ideal for family and friendly gatherings. This cuisine is directly linked to the culture of Greece and Italy. Therefore, many of the interior details are inspired by the art of these countries, and in particular the Renaissance. Zoning of the space is implemented with the help of arches, which is a reference to the architecture of ancient Greece, and wall panels and decorative printed curtains made on the basis of iconic works of art. All this creates a feeling of something familiar, understandable and accustomed to a person brought up in European culture. But at the same time due to the minimalist forms, simple composition and relevant color scheme the interior has a very modern and "fresh" look. Another detail that makes the space poignantly modern is the marking on the floor, which is not only a decorative element, but also serves as a reminder of the observance of social distance. For the same reason, the tables in the room are very spacious and this makes the interior even lighter and more airy.

In my opinion, with the help of the materials, color palette, planning and details we were able to create an atmospheric interior, which will contribute to a cheerful and upbeat mood.

Vasilisa MorkovkinaVasilisa MorkovkinaVasilisa MorkovkinaVasilisa Morkovkina

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