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Pedro Roiphe Lemos

ID: 1516

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ID: 1516
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Due to the Pandemic, we are currently experiencing the deprivation of things so essential and intrinsic to human life. We miss gathering with loved ones, trips that don't even need to be to another continent, our grandmother's food, a drink from that cool bar, other view other than the ones that we see everyday in our own homes. For this reason, the restaurant is located in a beach town, São Sebastião - Brazil, on a corner lot, with a beautiful view of the entire coast of São Paulo, where we can see the entire bay of the city, the coast of Ilha Ilhabela, Caraguatatuba and the big and sinuous mountains of Ubatuba in the background.

All details of this project were designed with the aim of preserving local characteristics. The materials, the colors, the species of the tree were handpicked to create a welcoming environment, respectful of regional culture and the environment. It is easy to notice that the form of the project refers to colonial houses, but with a contemporary touch, with large openings, which allows us to eliminate the visual barrier of doors and windows, allowing customers to contemplate the stunning view. The terracotta color was chosen to be used in the project as a whole, due to the connection with the rammed Earth constructions, a method used by the natives to build their homes, but also because of the possibility of different shades according to the intensity of the light and application methods.
Nowadays, many of the houses in the town use stone, mainly on the walls to make a border with the neighbors, and that was also a reference used in the Project, a stone wall, with a vertical garden following in a horizontal strip, making reference to the Atlantic Rainforest, in addition to the two Abricó trees, a species of tree often found on the city's beaches, placed in the center of the space.

Another important point to observe in the project is the “Corner Bar”, covered with Portuguese tiles, making reference to the colonizers who arrived in the city in the 1600s, a place for more informal and relaxed meetings, with a privileged view of the sea.
In order to make the atmosphere more laid-back, tables of different formats were chosen, with different types of seats (chais and sofas), and at the back, where the land meets the beach, a stepped deck was made so that more tables could be placed outside.
Integrating history, stories, people, moments, concept and landscape in a single space, these are the objectives of this space.

Pedro Roiphe LemosPedro Roiphe LemosPedro Roiphe LemosPedro Roiphe Lemos

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