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Daniel Monroy, María Alejandra Román, Paula Rodríguez, & Manuela Velásquez

ID: 1515

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ID: 1515
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Location: Colombia - Páramo el Tablazo

Coordinates: 10° 41' 26" N-72° 52' 49" W

It is no secret to anyone that the world, humankind and personal life were drastically transformed by the pandemic, where human relationships started to fade and new social rituals emerged around social distancing in everyday life. This turning point in mankind history demands a new restaurant that adapts to new social behaviors and generate appropriate spaces for the human being’s new ways of inhabiting.

“Páramo" seeks to reconnect the human being with its roots and tradition at the top of the mountain of the Colombian páramo, a unique ecosystem in the world. This experience brings the guest to explore Colombian street gastronomy and feel the essence of local ingredients. Food becomes an excuse to get away from the daily hustle and bustle and breathe in the middle of this untamed landscape.

The interior consists of several ambiances and kitchens inspired by traditional Colombian street food stalls, which are fairly must-stops that become part of everyday life. In this sense, the street becomes a place for people to gather together, socialize and grab a quick bite, to then continue with their routines. This restaurant alludes, from its architectural configuration to its interior design, to the typical street that all Colombians know and love, where you can find from an arepa or an empanada, to endless fruits of all colors and flavors.

To design this fusion between gastronomy and the páramo, the restaurant’s exterior is covered by a burnt wood envelope that disguises the construction in the landscape. Additionally, large openings complement the façade and illuminate inside. The basis of the interior space creates a minimalist atmosphere from sober materials in surfaces, such as concrete and wood, while the street culture is transmitted through furniture that encourages informal ways of inhabiting the space (sitting on the sidewalk, eating standing up and tasting other stands around, etc.). In addition, colorful finishes are used with textiles and patterns to give a cozy feeling, which brings the cheerful trait that Colombian street life has.

In this way, "Páramo" aims to relive the experience of resting, interacting and socializing with other people while enjoying a street snack since this custom was put aside due to social distancing. Undoubtedly the goal of this space is to be a refuge that fuses the warmth of Colombian street food scene with the vastness of the páramo landscape in a new and exciting environment that entices those who experience it, as it is the perfect opportunity to reconnect and rediscover Colombia.

Daniel Monroy, María Alejandra Román, Paula Rodríguez, & Manuela VelásquezDaniel Monroy, María Alejandra Román, Paula Rodríguez, & Manuela VelásquezDaniel Monroy, María Alejandra Román, Paula Rodríguez, & Manuela VelásquezDaniel Monroy, María Alejandra Román, Paula Rodríguez, & Manuela Velásquez

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