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We Miss Restaurants! Design Competition

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Nemanja Jović & Ivana Miškeljin

ID: 1514

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ID: 1514
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The main idea is to bring new life to the abandoned space at the top of the building by transforming it into a green oasis restaurant. It means gathering people and enjoy a meal together in a dreamy garden atmosphere.


The restaurant proposal would occupy the last two floors of a 14-storey building located on the University Campus in Novi Sad, Serbia. Today, the building comprises apartments for university staff that extend to the 12th floor and space above which it has not been used for a long time, but in the original project, it was designed as a restaurant. So, one of the goals of the competition proposal is to give the last two floors the purpose they were initially designed.
The new restaurant proposal envisages the creation of a garden. This airy and green space restaurant on the top floors is the contrasting red brick facade of the first twelve floors. The interior of the restaurant offers views of the university campus, but also much wider, of the city of Novi Sad and the Petrovardin Fortress from the 18th century. The goal is to create an exotic and fairy-tale space that will contribute to the cultural offer of restaurants in Novi Sad, and especially to the life of the university campus - a new connection to the culture of a space and people.


The idea of sitting in the garden is emphasized with a new glass roof. New glass surfaces on the roof and facade enable natural ventilation of the space. In this way, direct contact with the sky, greenery and changes of seasons was created. The space height and its natural ventilation play an important role in the fight against the virus. All this together contributes to the essential quality of atmosphere - health and comfort.
During the evening, large lanterns create a dreamy atmosphere in the garden. In addition to lanterns, there is lighting on each table that emphasizes individual sitting. The artificial lighting conceived in this way contributes to blurring the border between architecture and nature, creates soft shadows in the space and a pleasant atmosphere for enjoying a meal.

Nemanja Jović & Ivana MiškeljinNemanja Jović & Ivana MiškeljinNemanja Jović & Ivana MiškeljinNemanja Jović & Ivana Miškeljin

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