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Matilda Proda-Dauti

ID: 1513

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ID: 1513
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Location: This restaurant is located inside the Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1000 Fifth Avenue, Manhattan, NY 10028.

The Metropolitan Museum founded by a group of artists, financiers, businessmen and cultural enthusiasts in 1870. Today, it is known for its enormous collection, more than two million works of art, spanning a period of 5000 years, from all over the world.
The institution was originally located on a much smaller building, at 681 Fifth Avenue, New York and had only 174 European paintings. Its collection rapidly grew, and in 1873 the museum was moved on West 14th Street, where it remained until builders completed its permanent location in 1879.

I have been working at the Met for almost five years and from the beginning I felt a strong connection with the museum. There is a lot of art and history being displayed from almost every part of the world that makes it a truly unique place. When you take a tour of the museum, in a way it feels as if you have taken a short tour of the world.

One of the let-downs of the museum is the restaurant located on the 4th floor. I always felt that it is very outdated without any character and it really brings the experience down, dining there after having visited the beautiful galleries that the museum has to offer. For this reason, I am proposing a new design that aims to turn the restaurant into a more dynamic and vibrant place that will aim to match the experience that the visitors will have after having visited the galleries. To make the experience even more holistic I incorporated classical architectural elements in the space to resemble the interior design of the Metropolitan Museum.

Matilda Proda-DautiMatilda Proda-DautiMatilda Proda-DautiMatilda Proda-Dauti

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