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We Miss Restaurants! Design Competition

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Elena Agafonova

ID: 1511

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ID: 1511
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In the interior of the restaurant, a harmonious balance is formed between modern techniques and traditional oriental aesthetics. A mix of unrelenting love for Japanese minimalism "wabi-sabi" and the Scandinavian concept of comfort "hugge" was called "japanordic". Modern rationality is represented through the purity of gray quartz-vinyl with a slate texture that envelopes the interior in all planes: the floor, fragments of walls, the bar counter.
Both clarity of geometric shapes and laconism of the planning solution create an easily "readable" interior. The emotional component is an abundance of warm elements of light wood, exclusive author's lamps and delicate use of elements of wildlife. The quintessential philosophy of spatial solution is compiled in a decorative panel inspired by the most famous haiku Basho. In accordance with Japanese ethics, it is placed out of the line of sight, creating an atmosphere and a kind of plot of the interior: "the main things are not obvious".

Elena AgafonovaElena AgafonovaElena AgafonovaElena Agafonova

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