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We Miss Restaurants! Design Competition

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JunGyu Bak, JeongHoon Ryu, & Youhee Jo

ID: 1509

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ID: 1509
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Since the spread of Corona 19, our lives have had to undergo significant changes. One of them is a restaurant. Previously, the restaurant was a place where we had a light lunch with a coworker and made an appointments for dinner with a friend and had a good time, and on a special day, we shared precious memories.

However, today's restaurant may not be available in some cases, or it is difficult to talk to each other to go to the restaurant because the use itself has to take risks. In existing restaurants, in accordance with the social distancing and quarantine guidelines recommended by the local government, a screen made of materials such as plastic, glass, and acrylic is installed inside the restaurant to prevent contact between customers. These make feel a lot of discomfort from the visual, psychological and circulation side.

Therefore, it was designed to minimize the inconvenience of the problem while feeling spatially safe for customers to use the restaurant with maximum Non-contact design. The layout of the space allows customers to enter each table just directly from the outside and place an order at the table, where food is served in the kitchen located in the center of the restaurant. Tables and seats are designed to accommodate friends and family units, as well as a variety of local communities. In addition, each table has a window for natural ventilation to avoid mechanical ventilation. Elevation design that can be opened variably for natural ventilation and a feeling of openness and contact with the outside. In addition, in order to highlight the points, the main material and color of the finish contain the color of nature as much as possible.

JunGyu Bak, JeongHoon Ryu, & Youhee JoJunGyu Bak, JeongHoon Ryu, & Youhee JoJunGyu Bak, JeongHoon Ryu, & Youhee JoJunGyu Bak, JeongHoon Ryu, & Youhee Jo

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